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About Us

Leading the way in private security services

In an environment faced with the ever-present threat of criminal activity, terrorism, and active shooters, it is essential to protect assets and mitigate these risks. The need for well-trained protection professionals who can deter, detect, and respond is critical in crime prevention and reducing risk.

SPERE Security offers a multitude of specialized services to include security guard services, security training, executive protection services, government security services, security consulting for residential and commercial clients


To become the trusted advisors of our clients in security matters, providing high-level professional and highly reliable comprehensive solutions. Committed to excellence, we merged Israeli expertise and knowledge to effectively address the needs of the global market.


To be the top choice in security for our clients, establishing ourselves as globally recognized leaders for our knowledge and experience, the utilization of cutting-edge technology, and the commitment of a highly trained team in achieving our mission.

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What We Offer

Providing you protection is our only business

Our comprehensive security services are designed by experts and include coordination, engineering, and administration of effective security solutions, focusing on detection, prevention, and risk transfer.

Security Guards

Hire an expertly-trained security team that has your best interests in mind. You'll get site-specific protection that will deter thieves and vandals.

Armed Security

Get armed guards with comprehensive training on firearms, de-escalation, legal force and site-specific defense protocols for optimal safety.

Security Consulting

We offer security assessment to identify risks, vulnerabilities & protection gaps. You will be able to maximize safety of personnel, facilities and assets.

Training Academy

Get professional training in weapons use, defensive driving, Krav Maga and preventative tactics. Academy students will become an expert security specialists.

Personal Security Service

Get discreet 24/7 bodyguard protection from experienced security staff. Our customized plans ensure your safety & freedom to pursue aspirations.


Frequently Asked Questions

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SPERE is a locally owned security service company & professional security consulting firm in Miami, Florida. Unlike a Nationwide Security Guard Firm that is extremely large and focuses on Profits over quality services. SPERE provides security expertise that focuses on quality over quantity as a smaller boutique full-service security company.


As a business that needs security services, you have to decide if the cost of armed services is worth the investment. Armed security guards are billed at higher prices and require staff with the training and experience working in an armed capacity. It is recommended that a security assessment is conducted before the decision to use armed security over unarmed security guards.

SPERE security is a leading provider of professional security guard services. SPERE was founded by U.S. Marines that bring integrity and professionalism to the security guard industry. We have an excellent reputation when it comes to security professionals and the services we provide.

Security guard services are provided to commercial & private security clients seeking to safeguard assets. Security may be required for a gated community to manage access control, protect construction sites with expensive equipment, protect schools, and provide personal protection for a company dealing with workplace violence. The State of Florida requires any security guard company to be licensed and carry insurance. Whether it’s residential or commercial security guards your organization needs, SPERE will provide you with the industry’s best-trained guards.

SPERE does provide temporary security for clients with one-day events or for clients seeking personal protection services. Temporary security services are billed at a higher rate than full-time services and require a retainer before services are rendered.


SPERE does provide 24-hour security services to clients seeking to safeguard their business or properties. We provide full-time services that will cover the security requirements for clients 24/7. SPERE can deliver these services with a 2-week minimum contract with advanced notice to recruit and train the staff for your organization’s security requirements.


Our security protection firm offers a full range of security services for residential and commercial properties, including condominiums, construction sites,

special event security, school security guards, and personal security protection. SPERE offers unarmed security personnel and armed security guards.

Commercial security services are sometimes required to conduct fire watch for construction sites and perform access control of people and property. Having a security guard on-site to mitigate hazards is a way to transfer some risk and help safeguard its assets. A commercial security officer conducts access control, foot patrols and executes the emergency plan should a threat transpire.


SPERE is a fully licensed Security Agency in the State of Florida. Florida requires any company providing security and protection services to have a Class B Security Agency License. It is also required that all Class B Security Agencies maintain minimum insurance to comply with state law.


Security guards have many responsibilities when working a post. They may conduct access control of people, vehicles, and property. Security guards also conduct foot and mobile patrols to ensure doors are locked, and buildings are secured. They also monitor video surveillance and respond to alarms. Security guards ensure security and safety to the sites they are hired to protect.



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