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SPERE Security is a 100% American security company. Wtih 25+ years of industry experience, we operate to provide TOP Tier commercial security in Miami, Florida.

We’ve surveyed other security companies and interviewed our clients, and here is what we found out. SPERE offers quality service that is above industry standards. We are high achievers in terms of experience, security technology, training, and favorable contract terms.

✅ Industry Experience
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✅ Certification & Training
✅ Favorable Contract Terms

What Commercial Service Do you Need?

University School Security

SPERE Security is dedicated to providing security guard services specifically designed for school environments, ranging from small private schools to large urban universities. Recognizing that every campus is distinct in its challenges and cultural specifics, we tailor our security solutions to meet the exact needs of your institution.

Hospital Security

Our team of experts understands the unique challenges of Miami’s healthcare environment. We create security programs using the industry’s best practices, ensuring a safe culture and a secure healthcare setting.

Industrial Manufacturing Security

Maintaining a secure manufacturing operation is crucial in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape. At SPERE Security, we combine our extensive experience with a deep understanding of the needs of the manufacturing industry to offer unparalleled protection.

Mall and Retail Security

We select and train our security officers with your retail environment in mind. Our employment screening emphasizes customer service and professionalism, ensuring that our officers protect and enhance the shopping experience. They’re trained to assist customers, maintain a welcoming atmosphere, and uphold high safety standards.

Event Security

Our services are more than just deploying guards; they involve a comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and multi-layered approach to ensure the safety of guests, property, and venues across Miami, Florida.

Commercial Office Security

Being always vigilant, ensuring round-the-clock safety. Our integrated protection team is committed to adding value to your tenant experience. We deliver more than just security; we ensure a lasting first impression.