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Edgewater District Crime & Security Review


Miami is a bustling economy with opportunities and dangers.

As a resident or business owner in Edgewater, you deserve to feel secure where you live and work. 

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North Bayshore Drive

Overview of the Edgewater neighborhood

Edgewater is a vibrant neighborhood located in the heart of Miami, Florida. With a population of approximately 12,866 residents, Edgewater is known for its dense urban feel, where most residents rent their homes. The area is a melting pot of cultures, with a significant Hispanic population of 66%, followed by White at 22%, African American at 5%, and other races making up the remainder.

The neighborhood boasts a variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, making it one of the best places to live in Florida. The public schools in Edgewater are above average, contributing to its appeal among young professionals and families.

Demographics and Socioeconomic Conditions

Edgewater’s population is relatively young, with a significant portion between the ages of 25 and 34 years. The median household income stands at $82,736, which is higher than the national average.

Despite its affluence, there are areas within Edgewater that face socioeconomic challenges, including pockets of poverty and unemployment. The neighborhood’s education levels are high, with 27% holding a master’s degree or higher and 30% possessing a bachelor’s degree.

Prevalent Crimes and Statistics

While Edgewater enjoys a reputation as a safe and welcoming neighborhood, it is not immune to crime. The area has seen incidents of property crimes, including burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft, albeit at rates lower than the national average.

Violent crimes are also present but are 13% lower than the national average. The overall crime rate in Edgewater is estimated to be 3% lower than the national average, indicating a relatively safe environment for its residents.

Security Guard Services

In response to the limitations of local law enforcement, private security services play a vital role in enhancing safety in Edgewater.

Companies like SPERE Security Services offer a range of services, including security officers, mobile patrol, event security, and perimeter protection. These services provide an additional layer of security, helping to deter crime and respond rapidly to incidents.

Edgewater Area Survey: Commercial and Residential Vulnerabilities

Edgewater’s commercial zones, including its bustling restaurants, bars, and retail stores, are susceptible to shoplifting and employee theft. Residential areas, particularly apartment complexes and high-rise buildings, face challenges related to vehicle break-ins and home invasions. The presence of security services helps mitigate these risks by providing constant surveillance and rapid response capabilities.

Edgewater view at night
Miami Police

Limitations of Local Law Enforcement

The Miami Police Department, with over 1,100 sworn members, is committed to ensuring the safety of Miami’s neighborhoods, including Edgewater.

However, the department faces challenges due to the dense population and urban setting of the area. The visibility and responsiveness of the police are crucial in maintaining safety, but the department’s resources are often stretched thin across the city.

Importance of Security Guard Services

With the Miami Police Department stretched thin across a large coverage area, private security personnel provide critical supplemental protection for Edgewater’s commercial and residential properties. Uniformed guards serve as a visible deterrent to criminal activity and can respond rapidly to developing incidents.

Partner with SPERE – Your Trusted Local Security Experts

At SPERE, we specialize in providing top-notch Edgewater Security Guard Services. Our team of Professional Security Personnel is dedicated to safeguarding our community, offering peace of mind with our comprehensive Security Solutions for businesses and residences in Edgewater and all over Miami City.

Tailored Security for Every Need

  • Residential Security Services: Experience the tranquility of 24/7 monitored protection, ensuring the safety of your loved ones at home.
  • Innovative Commercial Security: Secure your business with our customized solutions, featuring the latest in surveillance technology and elite patrol services.
  • Exceptional Event Security: From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, our expert team ensures a safe and seamless experience.
  • Dedicated Personal Security: Our discreet personal security services are perfect for individuals seeking specialized protection.


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