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Midtown District Crime & Security Review


Miami is a bustling economy with opportunities and dangers.

As a resident or business owner in Midtown, you deserve to feel secure where you live and work. 

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Overview of the Midtown neighborhood

Midtown is a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood located north of Downtown Miami and south of the Miami Design District. It covers an area of approximately 0.12 square miles across the Wynwood and Edgewater neighborhoods. The district features a blend of high-rise residential buildings, retail spaces, offices, and entertainment venues.

Midtown has experienced rapid growth and redevelopment since the early 2000s, transforming from an industrial rail yard to a trendy urban center. However, the neighborhood still faces challenges with crime and security, particularly in the surrounding areas.

Demographics and Socioeconomic Conditions

Midtown has a population of around 3,145 residents, with a median age of 35 and a diverse ethnic composition. The neighborhood has a mix of U.S.-born citizens (48.49%), foreign-born citizens (27.5%), and non-citizens (24.01%). The median household income in Midtown is $47,860, slightly lower than the citywide median of $48,789.

The area has a high percentage of white-collar workers (90.07%) and a significant number of entrepreneurs (17.38%). However, income inequality remains a concern, with sharp disparities between high-income and low-income residents in the broader Miami area.

Prevalent Crimes and Statistics

While specific crime data for Midtown is limited, the surrounding neighborhoods and the City of Miami as a whole face significant criminal activity. The violent crime rate in Miami is 186% higher than the national average, with Downtown Miami being one of the city’s most violent areas.

Common crimes in the vicinity include armed robbery, assault, vehicle break-ins, and theft. The Wynwood and Edgewater neighborhoods, which encompass Midtown, are considered risky areas, especially at night. In 2021, Miami had 726 violent crimes and 6,542 property crimes reported.

Midtown Area Survey: Commercial and Residential Vulnerabilities

Midtown’s retail and entertainment district, particularly the Shops at Midtown, may be vulnerable to property crimes such as shoplifting, employee theft, and burglary. The open-air design of the shopping area and the high volume of foot traffic can create opportunities for criminals to blend in and target businesses.

Offices in Midtown may also face risks of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, especially during off-hours. The neighborhood’s proximity to high-crime areas like Downtown and Overtown could contribute to spillover criminal activity.

Midtown’s high-rise residential buildings may be susceptible to break-ins, particularly in parking garages and common areas. The transient nature of some residents and the presence of short-term rentals could make it easier for criminals to go unnoticed.

The surrounding neighborhoods of Wynwood and Edgewater have experienced gentrification and rising housing costs, potentially leading to tensions between long-time residents and newcomers. The limited availability of affordable housing in the area may contribute to social and economic instability.

Midtown at night
Miami police. US customs and boarder protection

Limitations of Local Law Enforcement

The Miami Police Department faces challenges in adequately addressing crime across the city, including in and around Midtown. Limited resources, staffing shortages, and the need to cover a large jurisdiction can hinder proactive policing efforts.

The department’s focus on reactive policing and response to emergency calls may leave gaps in crime prevention and community engagement. Trust between law enforcement and some communities, particularly in lower-income and minority neighborhoods, has been strained by historical tensions and perceptions of unequal treatment.

Importance of Security Guard Services

Given the prevalence of crime in Miami and the rapid development of Midtown, private security services play a crucial role in maintaining safety and order. Trained security guards can deter criminal activity, respond quickly to incidents, and coordinate with local law enforcement. 

Their presence in commercial spaces like the Shops at Midtown, office buildings, and entertainment venues can provide peace of mind for residents, employees, and visitors. Security personnel can monitor access points, conduct patrols, and address issues such as theft, vandalism, and disorderly conduct.

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