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Overtown District Crime & Security Review


Miami is a bustling economy with opportunities and dangers.

As a resident or business owner in Overtown, you deserve to feel secure where you live and work. 

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Overview of the Overtown neighborhood

Overtown, one of Miami’s oldest African-American neighborhoods, has a population of 10,004 residents. The racial makeup is predominantly Black (51.06%) and Hispanic (35.42%). The median age in Overtown is 35.2, lower than Miami’s median age of 40.1.

Demographics and Socioeconomic Conditions

Socioeconomic conditions in Overtown are challenging. The median household income is $28,010, much lower than Miami’s median of $44,268. Approximately 39.9% of the population lives below the poverty level, compared to 21% in Miami as a whole. Educational attainment is also lower, with 30% of residents having less than a high school diploma.

Prevalent Crimes and Statistics

Overtown experiences significant crime issues. The total crime rate is estimated at 3,008 incidents per 100,000 people, higher than Miami’s rate of 2,097. Violent crime is a major concern, with Overtown’s rate 427 per 100,000, exceeding Miami’s 298.

Specific crime data shows Overtown is less safe than 92% of Miami neighborhoods. The chance of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 258. Shootings, armed robberies, and gang activity are frequently reported by residents.

Community Involvement and Improvement Efforts in Overtown, Miami

Despite challenges, Overtown has a resilient community spirit. Residents and organizations are working to improve safety and quality of life.

Community gardens, like Roots in the City, have transformed vacant lots into vibrant green spaces. The historic Lyric Theater has been renovated as a cultural hub. Economic development initiatives aim to bring jobs and investment to the neighborhood.

Continued partnerships between residents, police, and security professionals are crucial for addressing Overtown’s public safety needs. With targeted resources, community policing, and collective action, Overtown can become a safer, thriving neighborhood for all.

Overtown Area Survey: Commercial and Residential Vulnerabilities

Overtown’s commercial corridors, like NW 2nd Avenue, are susceptible to robberies, shootings, and drug-related crime. Businesses often lack adequate security measures.

Residential areas also face risks, especially in public housing complexes and older apartment buildings. Inadequate lighting, unsecured entryways, and lack of surveillance contribute to crime.

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Limitations of Local Law Enforcement

The Miami Police Department, with over 1,100 sworn officers, is committed to ensuring public safety. However, they face challenges in Overtown due to limited resources and strained community relations.

Overtown residents have expressed concerns about excessive force and harassment by police. A study found 25.6% of Overtown men reported being victims of police violence. Trust in law enforcement has eroded, hampering effective policing.

Importance of Security Guard Services

With the Miami Police Department stretched thin across a large coverage area, private security personnel provide critical supplemental protection for Overtown’s commercial and residential properties. Uniformed guards serve as a visible deterrent to criminal activity and can respond rapidly to developing incidents.

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